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The core of all my work as a writer is my poetry. Below you'll find a list of my projects and publications, with numerous opportunities to read, purchase, and even listen to my poems online. But I am also very much interested in performing them live in any setting, including but not limited to a traditional "poetry reading." Consider adding me to the lineup at your next fundraiser, rally, conference or concert. My specialties are poems on ecology and peace themes, as exemplified below by "Earth Poetry with Stephen Wing" and "In the Presence of the Disappeared." Since the latter is a fairly long poem (about 20 minutes), I can also offer a selection of shorter peace poems, or can submit all of them and let you make the selection. Naturally, I can also handle a reading on the usual range of general poetic subjects as well. A reading can be short or long, a poem or two between sets of music or a full evening's worth. I usually don't charge anything (though I'm definitely worth at least a donation!) Outside Atlanta, however, travel expenses are a must. Contact me about booking a performance.

EARTH POETRY with Stephen Wing

I am available for a special reading of poems that celebrate the Earth and our relationship to Nature, mourn the ongoing destruction of the ecosphere, and inspire listeners to take better care of our mutual Mother. The performance can be tailored to any age or interest group, and can vary in emphasis from the pastoral to the political. I include practical suggestions for concrete actions we can take in daily life to protect and preserve the Earth.

read my full-color brochure and some sample poems

Washed in the Hurricane:
A Chapbook Series

Rather than send out the manuscript of this new collection to publisher after publisher,
I decided to publish it myself as a series of chapbooks, each on a different theme.
Read a couple of sample poems below, or click on the image at right to see the whole set.

"The History Professor Turns 80"

"Inhabited Flesh, Haunted Bones"

Crossing the Expressway:
Poems from the Open Road

(Dolphins & Orchids, 2001)

These “poems from the open road” are the Pilgrim’s Progress of a road devotee, written throughout my 100,000-mile hitchhiking odyssey from 1974 to 1990, when I met my next teacher (and married her). I introduce the poems with a short essay on contemporary foot-travel in the U.S.A., and illustrate them with “found art” from the highwayside — random objects flattened and transformed by passing traffic, crayon rubbings of scraps of tiretread.

read the Foreword

available via the PayPal link below or by mail from Stephen Wing, P.O. Box 5379, Atlanta GA 31107, $12.00 postpaid

Proof of the Miraculous:
Campfire Poetry from the Rainbow Gatherings

(25 years of poems inspired by these annual spiritual gatherings)

noncommercial — not available in print format — click here to read

browse the Table of Contents

read an introduction to the Rainbow Gatherings

In the Presence of the Disappeared:
A Poet's-Eye View of the Situation in Colombia, South America

(self-published chapbook, 2003)

read the poem

available via the PayPal link below or by mail from Stephen Wing, P.O. Box 5379, Atlanta GA 31107, $4.00 postpaid

Four-Wheeler & Two-Legged: Poems 

(Southeastern FRONT, 1992)

"This is an ambitious book of poetry, beautifully produced . . . It is refreshing to come across a poet of this caliber and ability to communicate." —New Thought Journal. "I am particularly impressed with the way you address political and moral issues without the poetry being formulaic or hackneyed." —Lane Young. "Wing’s voice is lyrical, original, and above all, truthful." —John Dennis.

available via the PayPal link below or by mail from Stephen Wing, P.O. Box 5379, Atlanta GA 31107, $18.00 postpaid

available soon in PDF format from the publisher:

Read my newest poems . . .

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Hear a poem, courtesy of Atlanta IndyMedia Center's
"Currents of Resistance" radio program on WREK:

"In the Cracks of Babylon"

click here to download

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Watch a poem, filmed by Artemis at the 2010
School of the Americas Watch benefit at Eyedrum Gallery:

"Creatures Like Us"

click here to view

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Read my essay "The Poet as Activist"

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