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I have published numerous articles and essays in local Atlanta publications, and several in national magazines like PanGaia and Communities. Since most of these are on the theme of environmental sustainability in everyday life, I have long intended to combine them into a book-length essay to be called After Consciousness: Our Next Evolutionary Step. Below are some samples.

After Consciousness: Our Next Evolutionary Step

Everyone's an Environmentalist!

"How's It Going, Anyway?" A Poet's Pet Theory and a Game to Test It

On Inheriting Elderhood: Looking Back Across the Generation Gap

Blessings of the Season: Honoring Nature in the City with Inter-Faith Solstice & Equinox Circles

You Have Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself! "Post-9/11 Syndrome" Strikes Deep in the Homeland

In the Shadow of the Turning Earth

Mother Gaia's Knitting: The Web of Relationships & the Field of Karma

"A Road for Traveling Souls . . ." Foreword to Crossing the Expressway

Evolution is the underlying theme of my novel Free Ralph! An Evolutionary Fable.
My most recent series of essays explores that theme.

Evolution, Anyone? Going Green Goes Mainstream in the Nick of Time

Can We Measure Consciousness? Yes We Can!
The Clues to Evolving Consciousness Are Everywhere – If We Pay Attention

Only a Fish out of Water Can Learn to Walk
"There's Always a Next Step" – The New & Improved Law of Evolution

Only One Person Can Save the World . . . And It's Not Barack Obama!
"Small Changes Add Up" - The New & Improved Law of Evolution


Free Ralph! An Evolutionary Fable

During my treatment and recovery from cancer in the first half of 2006, I wrote a novel called Free Ralph! An Evolutionary Fable, released in March 2008 by Wind Eagle Press. Approximately half of the characters are people; the other half are chimpanzees living in the African jungle. It's based on the double premise that (a) chimpanzees are smarter than people, but smart enough keep their intelligence to themselves; and (b) both chimpanzees and people are still capable of evolving.

Free Ralph! is the story of a chimpanzee named Kumbu, kidnapped in infancy and sold to a circus in Florida, where he is soon to make his debut as a star trapeze performer. It's also about a man named Wilbur who gets lost while on safari and adopted by Kumbu's relatives in the African jungle. When the chimps discover that Wilbur has "the Gift"— the ability to communicate telepathically, as they do— they commission him to go to Florida and rescue Kumbu. But the chimpanzees also have much to teach Wilbur about ecological reality, and through him, the reader. A sequel will follow, Kumbu's Gift, in which Kumbu and Wilbur become media celebrities and spokespersons for the desperate state of the planetary ecosystem.

Above is a link to the publisher's website, where you'll find the Author's Foreword and Afterword, the complete text of Chapter 1, reader comments, and other goodies. You can also order your copy there using Paypal or any major credit card.

Last Testament: A Melodrama of the Post-Petroleum Era

My most ambitious project is an unpublished (and so far unfinished) epic novel of the future, Last Testament: A Melodrama of the Post-Petroleum Era. During the decades since I started working on it in 1975, I abandoned it several times when my vision of the future began to come uncomfortably close to true. In the 21st century, my scenario of a post-millennial totalitarian America is now closer to reality than ever. But since the story takes place on the day of a popular uprising and the collapse of this singularly American dictatorship, I have now begun to serialize Last Testament on this website.

This is an experiment. The farther along we get, the more revising and polishing I'll need to do to my original manuscript. In order to gauge whether it's worth my time, I have set up a PayPal link at the end of the first installment. If you enjoy the story and want to see what happens next, click on the link to make a $1.00 donation. Whenever 25 such donations accumulate, I will get busy uploading the next installment. The PayPal link will always await you at the end of the latest installment to tempt you further into my imaginary future.


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