Earth Poetry with Stephen Wing

The message of "Earth Poetry" is that all of us depend on the Earth – not only Earth, the planet, but earth, the rich dark stuff that plants grow from. Plants photosynthesize sunlight into energy to nourish us and other animals; they manufacture the oxygen we breathe; they draw water out of the soil and evaporate it into the air, creating the rain that fills the wells and reservoirs we drink from. All living creatures participate in creating the conditions for life on this planet in ways science is just beginning to understand. Any time we start thinking of ourselves as somehow outside of that cycle, we are headed for trouble.

For millennia, poets have celebrated the Earth and its cycles, expressing wonder at the beauty and mystery of nature and gratitude for its bounty, reminding listeners (and much later, readers) that we belong here. Poets have also mourned aloud the destruction of nature by reckless humans and denounced the man-made systems that separate people from the Earth. The message of "Earth Poetry" includes all of this and more. Religion, ritual, and theater all evolved from this earliest of art forms.

Poetry itself has diverged from its original mission over the centuries, exploring the realms of human emotion, history, philosophy, and intellectual abstraction. But in a time when civilization has so completely forgotten its dependence on the Earth, it's time for poets everywhere to return to their original theme – reminding us we belong here on Earth and teaching us to take part in the cycle of life again. I am proud to be part of this long tradition. My offerings range from simple readings to workshops teaching the art of poetry inspired by nature. Contact me for a hard copy of the brochure below.

read some sample poems:

The Pilgrimage to Rest (And Travel On)

Wind Eagle Ranch

The Homestead on Horn Mountain

The Landscaper's Assistant Looks Down

Hurtling Through Darkness

Pushing the Peace Bus

In the Oklahoma City Zoo, an Eagle Looked at Me

Lost Leaf

The Geologist's Box

Sonnet for the Earthworm

The Demon of Possessions

The War Against the Trees

read my "Earth Poetry" essay

Ambassador from Earth — Eco-Stickers by Wing

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