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I live a hermit's life in downtown Atlanta with my wife, Dawn Aquamarine Aura, and a houseful of animals. On weekdays I order and stock the frozen foods at Sevananda Natural Foods, the Southeast's oldest and largest food coop. In my spare time, between operating a neglected bumper sticker business and volunteering for various causes, I sometimes write. Every so often I get around to publishing my work, mostly essays in local Atlanta publications.

Raised in Southeast Asia, the son of Methodist missionaries, I earned a B.A. in English Composition from Beloit College, class of 1978. I spent my post-college years on the road, perfecting the mystical art of hitchhiking and keeping my overhead down. In 1990, I married Dawn and settled in Atlanta. In 1993 we bought a 90-year-old house near the Lake Claire Community Land Trust, a wonderful community greenspace owned and maintained by a non-profit corporation started by our neighbors. Since 2008 I  have served on the Land Trust Board, and now serve as Secretary as well.

During my years on the road I published an annual chapbook of poems to give away as I traveled. The best of these were collected in Four-Wheeler & Two-Legged: Poems (Southeastern Front, 1992), now out of print. I am also the author of Crossing the Expressway: Poems from the Open Road (Dolphins & Orchids, 2001), chronicling my 100,000-mile hitchhiking career; In the Presence of the Disappeared (self-published chapbook, 2003), an epic poem about my experience on a peace delegation to Colombia, South America; Proof of the Miraculous: Campfire Poetry from the Rainbow Gatherings, a poetic record of 30 years of Rainbow Gatherings (noncommercial, available only on this website); and Washed in the Hurricane, a series of themed chapbooks. Several dozen of my poems have also seen print in local, regional and national periodicals and anthologies, and I perform regularly at peace rallies and other activist events.

My prose works include numerous published articles and essays (click here for a sampling) and an epic novel about the future, Last Testament: A Melodrama of the Post-Petroleum Era (published for the first time in installments on this website). Over the years I have edited or co-edited six different publications as a volunteer, where many of my "activist journalism" pieces have appeared. The most recent and longest-running of these is Ho!, "a news/love letter for the Rainbow tribes of the Southeast." Four times a year, I help to organize inter-faith celebrations of the Solstices and Equinoxes in Atlanta.

I am also the creator of over 150 original bumper sticker and mini-sticker designs under the name Gaia-Love Graffiti – a name inspired by innumerable freeway bridges decorated with spray-paint by the romantically smitten. Most of my stickers and mini-stickers echo the themes of my essays and poetry. They are available to view and purchase at www.gaialovegraffiti.com.

In January 2006, at age 49, I was diagnosed with cancer at the base of my tongue. I elected to undergo both conventional and alternative treatments simultaneously. With the prayers and support of family and friends around the world, I survived not only the disease but radiation and chemotherapy. My post-treatment CAT scans and blood tests have been pronounced "normal." During this time I completed the first draft of a novel, Free Ralph! An Evolutionary Fable, published in 2008 by Wind Eagle Press. A sequel is in progress.

"Earth Poetry" is poetry not about nature as seen by an observer but about our relationship with the natural world as participants, celebrating the magnificence of our home planet while warning of the dangerous impact of our way of life. I am available for performances of "Earth Poetry with Stephen Wing," as well as for Earth Poetry workshops with children or adults. A small group of poets has been convening quarterly for a seasonal series of Earth Poetry workshops.

Contact me for more information on my writings or to book a performance. Fees are negotiable, and in many cases optional, but outside Atlanta, travel expenses are a must.


photo: David Christian Glueck (1990)


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