Proof of the Miraculous:

Campfire Poetry from the Rainbow Gatherings

by Stephen Wing

in memory of my cousin Ladd, whom no miracle could save




Introduction:  The Rainbow Family Gatherings

Washington, 1981:  Peace Prayer

Idaho, 1982: Gathering (Somewhere Under a Raincloud)

Michigan, 1983:  Watersmeet

California, 1984:  Rainbow Mantras

                              Two Moons

                              After the Gathering

Missouri, 1985:  The Rainbow Warriors at Dawn

                             Independence Day, 1985

Pennsylvania, 1986:  The Gathering of Lights and Waters

North Carolina, 1987:  Under Mercury Retrograde

                                      Drums at the Confluence of Visions

                                      Ring All the Bells of Silence!

Texas, 1988:  In the Summer of the Dragon

Nevada, 1989:  Children of the Canyon

Minnesota, 1990:  The Drums of Katuah Kitchen

                               Council Fire

Vermont, 1991:  The Circus of Visionaries

Colorado, 1992:  Lost at the Gathering

                             Unified Field

Alabama, 1993:  The Bridge That Merges with the Stream


Missouri, 1996:  Kudzu Curtains

Arizona, 1998:  Reunion of the Elements

Pennsylvania, 1999:  Rattlesnake Tribe / Lightning Nation

Montana, 2000:  The Miracle of the Silence

Idaho, 2001:  Evergreen Lotus Mandala

Michigan, 2002:  Babylon Come Home

California, 2004:  Spirit Hunt

West Virginia, 2005:  Children Come in All Sizes

Pennsylvania, 2010:  Along the Trail from Heart to Heart

Tennessee, 2012:  Southern Appalachian Seed Camp Solstice

                               In the Sanctuary of Silence

Regional Gathering Poems from Katuah
(the Southern Appalachian tribe of the Rainbow)

                                 Dancing the Solstice

                                 In My Mother's Mansion

                                 Stones for a Stairway


                                 Summer, Waking

                                 Gathering the Gathering

                                 Silence Is Relative

                                 New Moon Gathering

                                 Wildlife Opening

                 Miscellaneous Rainbow Poems

                                                On the Dumpster Run

                                                Spirit Wind

                                                Fugitive Come Home


(Click here for an archive of my essays about the Rainbow Gatherings)


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