William A. Rimsky
William B. Benedict
William C. Dodge



Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Stephen Wing. But I am merely the medium, a simple mortal who has been found somehow worthy to become the channeler of the three Bills.

Almost all the friends who helped to midwife this story by reading along have found it disconcerting that all three main characters are named "Bill." While I admit it is unusual in a work of literature, I myself don't find it strange in the least— at least, no stranger than normal.

When I arrived in my first-term college dormitory, I found the computer had paired me up with a roommate who also shared my name. We were "Steve and Steve" from that moment on. Sixteen years later, when I scored my first real job, I coordinated the company Recycling Program— with another partner named Steve. We worked the monthly staff meeting as a kind of vaudeville act, "Steve and Steve" reprised, educating our co-workers about the virtues of recycling.

Perhaps in your universe, like mine, coincidences happen. And every once in a while, expecially in works of literature that claim the venerable mantle of melodrama, coincidence provides the subtle push that alters everything.

The reader will discover by and by, as I did, that there is an unseen reason why these three particular strangers have been brought together by the mysterious forces of coincidence. But by that point in the story, each of the three Bills has dropped the name on his birth certificate and chosen a more meaningful one.

Or perhaps there is an even deeper explanation. What do I know? I am merely the medium between the worlds of truth and fiction, bearer of News from the Future, humble channeler of the Billogy. Mere coincidence? You decide.

Introductions are in order. So here they are, in order of appearance: the three Bills . . .


William A. Rimsky
William B. Benedict
William C. Dodge


Table of Contents      LAST TESTAMENT      Volume One, Book I: Code Blue


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