Poetry Chapbooks

This set of chapbooks covers virtually all of my poetic output since the publication of Four-Wheeler & Two-Legged in 1992, as well as some earlier work. Like the sections of that book, each chapbook is dedicated to a particular theme. The exception is Nicaragua Libré Full Moon, a single long poem which originally appeared as one section of FW&TL. Order them for $4.00 each postpaid, or $36.00 for the set.

In the Cracks of Babylon

In the Cracks of Babylon:
Poems for the Occupation


Under the Pavement

Under the Pavement:
Poems for a Living Planet

The Amputees' Parade

The Amputees' Parade:
Poems for Peace


A Country Beyond All Borders

A Country Beyond All Borders:
Poems for the Trees

All the Umbrellas! All the Balloons!
All the Umbrellas! All the Balloons!
A Cycle of Poems on Nuclear War
As Above, So Below
As Above, So Below:
Poems for the Water
Nicaragua Libre Full Moon

Nicaragua Libré Full Moon:
A Poet's Pilgrimage to Nicaragua

To the Animal Tribes

To the Animal Tribes:
Poems for the Animals


In the Presence of the Disappeared

In the Presence of the Disappeared:
A Poet's Pilgrimage to Colombia

A Man Growing Older

A Man Growing Older:
Poems for Birth, Death & Initiation


Set of all ten chapbooks:



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