New Moon Gathering

          (Solstice 2009)

1. The Serenade of Fireflies

Dinner by fireflylight
in the open meadow
while silent lightning ripples across the sky
beyond the intermittent silhouettes
of the mountains:
the blessing of beans and rice
and company, our circle
broken into clusters of talk and laughter
on the dark grass

2. Lightning’s Compass

With every flash and flicker of the sky,
I glimpse another few steps
of the trail back to my tent,
this slow pilgrimage between the trees
without a flashlight –
fork to the left, jog to the right,
slippery downgrade, low-hanging branch –
like my life sometimes,
the chain of epiphanies lighting up my path
and the pitch-dark

3. Morning of Silence

Simply to listen
is to surround yourself with silence:
silence of the rain, the wind, the creek,
the children . . .
Simply by listening
I fill the whole vast, noisy world
with silence.