Lost at the Gathering

21st Rainbow Family Gathering of the Tribes
July 1-7, 1992, Mesa Verde Forest, Colorado


Lost at the Gathering! It brings back memories:
passing the endless parade of strangers
singing "Happy Trails"—

(When everyone who passes you
is grinning, you know you're
headed in the right direction!)

Occasionally a face you know from somewhere,
also lost, and suddenly
one you've been watching for all day, all week,
headed the other way—

(This might be our only chance
to catch up, who knows if we'll
cross trails again this Gathering?)

While the beaming clouds float by
our meadow in blossom: kitchens
tied to trees, a Tipi Circle,
a pyramid of prayer-flags, a banner
billowing like a sail full of breeze,
the psychedelic stones and wee shy
flowers— a snowy range
looming over every conversation—

(The first scout who found this place
must have suffered the same jolt
of heaven: Welcome Home . . .

Even now, one small plane whining
like a mosquito at the screen, Here
let all children of the Creation
be equal and free, here
let our ideals be true,
let us be true to our ideals .
. .)

Thank God for the mud
when it's dusty

And thank the Goddess
for stones to walk on
where it's muddy