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Click here to hear Wing reading "Wildlife Opening" at a campfire open-mike
2012 Rainbow Family Gathering of the Tribes,
Cherokee Forest, Tennessee

Community Gardens Take Root in Metro Atlanta
(Sevananda's Cooptions, July-August 2012 – an abridged version of the Atlanta Progressive News piece below)
In the Granddaddy Tree
(Sevananda's Cooptions, June 2012 – an excerpt from my novel Free Ralph!)

"Every Neighborhood Needs a Land Trust"
(Sevananda's Cooptions, May 2012 – the Sevananda "Be the Change" Partner profile for May)

The Iceberg on the Highway
(Sevananda's Cooptions, April 2012 – "The Transition to the Post-Petroleum Age Has Begun")
Out of Sight, Out of Mind, and Good Riddance!
(Sevananda's Cooptions, December 2011 – "Life on a Disposable Planet")

Wanted: The Perfect Rationalization
(Sevananda's Cooptions, September 2011 – "Philosopher Seeks Plausible Excuse for Planetary Waste & Destruction ")

performing "Creatures Like Us"

The Lake Claire Clarion – The Transition Is Coming!
Atlanta Progressive News – "Community Gardening in Atlanta"
The Lake Claire Clarion – "What the Land Trust Means to Me"
Sevananda's Cooptions – "Which Comes First, My Community or My Career?"
(reprinted in Communities magazine, Fall 2011)

Copies of Four-Wheeler & Two-Legged now available!

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WINTER "EARTH POETRY" WORKSHOP, Sat. Jan. 12, 2:00-4:00 pm
at The Wylde Center (formerly Oakhurst Community Garden)

Free Ralph! An Evolutionary Fable

FREE RALPH! An Evolutionary Fable

"Free Ralph! is an expertly crafted novel. Like practiced trapeze artists, the subplots soar towards one another across a seemingly unbridgeable chasm; there is a moment of breathless suspense before their fingers wrap securely around one another's wrists. The innocent, excitable chimp protagonist is the most lovable fictional character I can think of. I could hardly put the book down, except to laugh at its jokes."

Jed Brody, lecturer in physics, Emory University

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One thought ever at the fore ––
That in the Divine Ship, the World, breasting Time and Space,
All Peoples of the globe together sail, sail the same voyage,
Are bound to the same destination.

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass


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